What is BoxIT?

BoxIT is MRC’s bridge to Box solution offering that allows IBM customers transition from their current on-premise content management platform such as FileNet P8 or DB2 Content Manager (CM8) to Box.

BoxIT also allows customers to take advantage of their current investment in IBM FileNet/CM8 and leverage Box for its ease-of-use and collaboration capabilities through easy integration between the two platforms, thus providing a best of breed ecosystem for IBM customers.

It is an easy to use and knowledge worker driven solution.

Cloud Based

Get the power of cloud storage with ease of data access.


Get the security and trust of huge players like Box and IBM.

User Friendly

An easy to use solution designed with user friendliness as top priority

BoxIT for Industry


BoxIT allows claims support to easily share claim documents using Box, then move them to FileNet P8/CM8 for claims processing and vice-versa.

Energy & Utilities

BoxIT allows an engineer to collaborate with subcontractors using Box when building a new energy plant and easily move plant drawings to FileNet P8/CM8 once project is completed. Another need arises when re-activating a closed project for regular plant maintenance.


Proposal writers collaborate on engineering drawings, plans, specifications with internal and external teams using Box. Once the proposal is granted, all documents need to be archived to FileNet P8/CM8.

BoxIT for Corporations


BoxIT can migrate legacy content to a capacity based modern content platform and eliminate having user based licenses.

External collaboration

BoxIT can easily move files and folders between Box, used to collect files from external parties, and internal content platforms such as IBM FileNet P8, used for internal workflow routing with sophisticated disposition rules.

LOB integration

BoxIT allows users to work within the LOB applications without forcing them to use the Box web interface.


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