Auto Claims Management

Successfully managing auto claims, requires efficient interactions among customers, damage assessors, medical and legal experts, and the insurance company. The expertise required for a claim varies, depending on the details of the claim. Most insurance companies may have well-defined processes for auto claims, but they aren’t automated. Thus, causing errors or inefficiencies in the interactions among experts, customers, and the insurance company and can result in additional costs, delays, and unresolved claims disputes.

Our Auto Claims Management Solution allows insurance companies to easily automate their manual and cumbersome business processes. The Solution provides a Single view of the claimant – capture relevant content (email, billing statements, paper correspondence, policy documents, medical records and identification) and combine it with policy data to provide a “360 degree view” of the case. The end goal is to facilitate faster claim resolution, lowering customer service costs, and improving overall customer service.

With an automated claims management system and a systematic approach of claim handling, insurance companies decrease their administration load and ensure a higher quality work output on claims management. Our solution is built on IBM’s Industry standard intelligent workflow engine – IBM Case Manager and can be easily customized to meet individual needs.

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