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Making the Shift to ECM Cloud Computing Services

With more and more companies adopting Cloud Computing, this technology is becoming a dominant paradigm in IT. Some analysts are predicting that by 2021, enterprise spending on cloud services and infrastructure will be more than $530 billion and over 90% of enterprises will use multiple cloud services and platforms.

Are you Cloud Ready?

Cloud computing promises to reduce IT capital expenditures and increase the speed with which applications and services are delivered. To reap all these benefits, however, organizations must do their homework and make good decisions up front. An excellent starting point is a cloud readiness assessment.

Here's a quick checklist to identify if you are ready for cloud: Determining whether your enterprise is ready for cloud services adoption comes down to how you answer these three questions:

  1. Is it relevant to my business?

    Companies need to look at whether there is business value in adopting cloud services.

  2. What are the barriers and risks and how do we overcome them?

    Many enterprises fail to understand the unique risks associated with cloud services and how these risks differ from traditional systems. This lack of understanding often leads to executives ignoring the risks – with potentially disastrous results.

  3. Do I have a roadmap?

    There has to be a clear strategy around integration, aggregation and orchestration, else it’s nearly impossible to tie the process back to your business objectives.


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Why Us?

MRC Information Technology is an IBM Gold Business Partner AWS Standard Tier Partner. MRCIT is an ECM trusted advisor uniquely positioned to help you strategize, plan and execute your ECM migration to the Cloud.

MRC has a team of certified professionals who can help you make a smooth migration to cloud platform.

What We Offer?

MRCIT can offer a free or fee-based Cloud readiness assessment, ROI, and migration strategy in any of the following areas:

  • Migrations/Conversions from on-premise to cloud
  • Hybrid – unified content access and search (content both in cloud and on-premise)
  • Customizations
  • System Integrations
  • Non-standard configurations


ECM Cloud Services Benefits

ECM cloud computing offers many benefits including increased efficiency and improved cash flow and MRCIT can help you make the transition cost-effectively with the least amount of risk. Other benefits of moving ECM to the cloud include:

  • Secure Infrastructure
  • Managed upgrades, patches, and fixes
  • Highly Scalable Infrastructure
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Flexible Deployment Models


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