Information Governance Services

Information Lifecycle Governance Consulting Services Advantage
Every organization needs to find and manage content for data cleanup, business value archiving, internal investigations, regulatory investigations, and litigation. Responding quickly and cost-effectively is largely impacted by how efficiently an organization is managing its information.

Organizations need to understand:

  • What information do they have?
  • Where is that information located?
  • What is the value of that information?
  • Do I have enforceable and defensible retention policies (and the right policies) in place?
What we offer?

Information Lifecycle Governance (ILG) assessment
– Information Governance Maturity Level Assessment
– Content/Retention/Records Management Risk Identification

Content Management Consulting

    • File Plan creation
    • Discover and classify active information across 70 sources then align refined collections with business value and risk
    • Retention schedule Assessment and Recommendations
    • Strategic Program Development Including Defensible Disposition/Destruction
    • Storage Optimization
    • – File Share Cleanup and Migration including Taxonomy Recommendations
      – Back-file Conversion (paper to image)

    • Records Management Services, Monitoring, Oversight and Training

Solution Design & Process Improvement

  • Process Mapping
  • Pain Points and Process Inefficiency Identification
  • Six Sigma Rigor
  • Solutions to Reduce Cost and Streamline Processes

Compliance & Governance Consulting

  • Records Retention Schedule Compliance/ Records Management Policy Compliance
  • Content Use Standards
  • Compliance Monitoring Plans
  • Compliance Monitoring Services and Reports

Change Management

  • Stakeholder Buy-in
  • C-Level and Executive Sponsorship
  • Communication Plans