Information Governance Services

What is Information Governance?

Information governance is the management of information at an organization. Information governance balances the use and security of information. Information governance helps with legal compliance, operational transparency, and reducing expenditures associated with legal discovery.

Why do we need Information Governance services?

Every organization needs to find and manage content for data cleanup, business value archiving, internal investigations, regulatory investigations, and litigation. Responding quickly and in a cost-effective manner is largely impacted by how efficiently an organization is managing its information.

A good information governance service would help you identify your information risks and optimise your information assets. Below are few key questions that companies need to address while creating an information governance policy:

  • What information do they have?
  • Where is that information located?
  • What is the value of that information?
  • Do I have enforceable and defensible retention policies (and the right policies) in place?

In today's information age, companies of all shapes and sizes can benefit by having proper information governance system in place. Here are few important benefits that can be achieved with a good governance policy:

  • Safer and more secure data.
  • Efficient access to data.
  • Increased productivity facilitated by intelligent sharing of information.
  • Improved lifecycle efficiencies.
  • Reduced costs due to optimized storage.
  • Better regulatory compliance.

What are some of the challenges?

Every organisation, no matter what size, is faced with the challenge of an ever growing mountain of information in its enterprise systems and beyond. The additional challenges of having to comply with governmental, financial and industry regulations, as well as respond to an increasing number of litigation events are driving organisations to embrace Information Governance.

Some of the key business challenges on the road to Information Governance are:

  • Litigation & eDiscovery

    - The time and cost that is incurred in identifying, retrieving, reviewing and then having to reject all of the information that is of absolutely no value in the issue at hand is huge.

  • Regulation and Compliance

    - Organisations are under an ever increasing amount of scrutiny. Today, there are countless government regulations, industry standards and company procedures that have to be met.

  • Big Data

    - The exponential growth and availability of structured and unstructured data has increased the risk and cost of maintenance of such huge information.

  • Information Storage & Retention

    - The reducing storage cost tempts organizations to retain all the information within their business which in turn attracts huge cost of managing that stored information across its life cycle.

  • Information Security

    - Information security and privacy issues are closely related to the regulatory compliance challenge that organizations face. Many governmental regulations have requirements for handling and retention of certain types of information under the organization’s control.

We are here to Help!

MRC offers following services to help you on your journey with Information Governance:

  • Information Lifecycle Governance (ILG) assessment
  • Content Management Consulting
  • Solution Design & Process Improvement
  • Compliance & Governance Consulting
  • Change Management

More on our Information Governance Services...

MRC can simplify your journey towards information governance with following offerings:

Information Lifecycle Governance (ILG) assessment:

  • Information Governance Maturity Level Assessment
  • Content/Retention/Records Management Risk Identification

Content Management Consulting

  • File Plan creation
  • Discover and classify active information across 70 sources then align refined collections with business value and risk
  • Retention schedule Assessment and Recommendations
  • Strategic Program Development Including Defensible Disposition/Destruction
  • Storage Optimization
    • File Share Cleanup and Migration including Taxonomy Recommendations
    • Back-file Conversion (paper to image)
  • Records Management Services, Monitoring, Oversight and Training

Solution Design & Process Improvement

  • Process Mapping
  • Pain Points and Process Inefficiency Identification
  • Six Sigma Rigor
  • Solutions to Reduce Cost and Streamline Processes

Compliance & Governance Consulting

  • Records Retention Schedule Compliance/ Records Management Policy Compliance
  • Content Use Standards
  • Compliance Monitoring Plans
  • Compliance Monitoring Services and Reports

Change Management

  • Stakeholder Buy-in
  • C-Level and Executive Sponsorship
  • Communication Plans

Customer Success Story

MRC Information Technology has successfully implemented an Email compliance and e-Discovery solution for our client TOMY/RC2 Corporation.

We used IBM Content Collector for Exchange product to archive e-mail and attachments into an IBM Content Manager repository.

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