Digital Transformation Services

Quick Start
MRCIT offers a Quick Start service to help organizations determine if a solution can meet their basic business needs. A quick start service could be considered as a first phase of a larger deployment or a more complex environment.

The quick start service comprised of the following –

Basic installation services with minimal system configuration

  1. Pilot implementation for identified set of 2 sample document templates
  2. Fully tested and functional system
  3. Knowledge Transfer and general training for end users

Solution Driven

MRCIT also offers solution driven digital transformation services. This approach is more intense and focuses on the specific requirements of the organization. It commences with a Project Definition Workshop (PDW) during which MRCIT personnel conduct requirements gathering sessions with the organization’s business as well as IT users and architect the system accordingly to meet specific storage, security and document management needs. It typically concludes with the delivery of a detailed design document that forms the basis for the actual implementation of the system.

At a high level, a solution driven approach comprised of the following –

  1. Requirement Analysis
  2. Detailed design for infrastructure and architecture also covering storage, security, capacity planning and performance aspects
  3. System installation and configuration as per design plan
  4. Fully tested and functional system
  5. Performance Tuning, if needed
  6. Knowledge Transfer and end user training
  7. Tailored end user guides and system administration manuals

If you are interested in this service, please send an email to