What is Box?

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Why Us?

MRC is a Box Technology and Services Partner with Box Certified Professionals that provide consulting and integration services around Box.

Whether you are new to Box or an existing enterprise customer, MRC has the necessary consulting package to serve you better.

What we provide?

Think of us the way you have your food!

We provide our services in a similar fashion which users could easily relate with their day-to-day life.

Our Various Consulting Packages

Drive-Thru Option

This option is suitable for customers that are new to Content Management or box.com and simply want to evaluate the application

 Here’s what you get -

  • FREE trial of Box.com
  • Full Deployment of Box - Up to 5 Users
  • Build out of Base Taxonomy and Security for One Use Case.
  • Mobile Deployment for One Device
  • Train the trainer

Casual Dining Option

This option is suitable for customers that have defined use cases for content management or box.com

  • Full Deployment of Box – Up to 10 Users
  • Implementation approach for 3 use cases
  • Build Out of Taxonomy and Security
  • Mobile Deployment for 3 devices
  • Email & MS Office Integration
  • Train the trainer & access to Box virtual training

Fine Dining Option

This option is suitable for customers that are looking to implement an Enterprise wide content management solution.

  • Enterprise & 3rd party app integration
  • Enterprise wide implementation approach
  • Full Deployment of Box for the enterprise
  • Platform customization
  • Email & MS Office Integration
  • Mobile Deployment
  • Box enablement & access to Box virtual training

To Go Option

You could simply...


Existing Box and IBM customers can leverage BoxIT to integrate the two platforms. BoxIT is as easy as drag and drop, is cloud based and driven by the knowledge worker.

Request a FREE trial of BoxIT with your consulting package.


Get in touch with us today to find out the best option for you. We would analyze your requirements and figure out the option that best suits your needs.

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