Content Migrations

Content Migration Tool Framework

MRCIT’s Migration tool framework comprised of several bulk export/import tools that are developed for products such as:

  • IBM’s FileNet Image Services
  • IBM FileNet P8
  • IBM Content Manager
  • Optika Acorde
  • DST’s AWD
  • IBM OnDemand and other legacy and modern ECM systems.

These tools have been instrumental in delivering our key migration projects listed below:

  • DB2 Content Manager to FileNet P8
  • DB2 Content Manager iSeries to FileNet P8
  • DB2 Content Manager on z/OS to Multiplatform
  • FileNet Image Services to FileNet P8
  • FileNet Image Services to CM on z/OS
  • Optika Acorde to DB2 Content Manager
  • Mobius or FileNet Report Manager to CMOD

Customers have the option of purchasing these tools to conduct an in-house migration. MRCIT will install and provide knowledge transfer as part of the software purchase. Customers that do not have skilled resources or the bandwidth for doing an in-house migration can take advantage of MRCIT’s end-to-end migration service.

End to End Migration

With years of migration experience and reliable migration strategy, MRCIT recommends the end-to-end migration service that guarantees accurate ECM document accounting. Service includes onsite migration, customization of migration tools to handle data transformation and no additional licensing cost for the migration tools. We ensure that all content is accurately copied and properly accounted for.

If you are interested in this service, please send an email to