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June 3, 2016: OSS, Inc engages MRCIT for an IBM lab services engagement

Operating System Services, Inc. is a minority owned full service technology company providing value add services to IBM lab services. OSS partnered with MRCIT to provide consulting services for an IBM lab services assignment which involved heavy customization of IBM Case Manager widgets including a Saved Search functionality to search cases.

May 6, 2015: RCLCO Real Estate Advisors renew IBM Product Imaging Edition licenses

Since 1967, RCLCO (formerly Robert Charles Lesser & Co.) has been the “first call” for real estate developers, investors, the public sector, and non-real estate companies and organizations seeking strategic and tactical advice regarding property investment, planning, and development. In 2015, RCLCO implemented an enterprise wide reporting and content management platform that they continue to use and renewed their software entitlement in 2016. Future considerations include expansion to Cloud storage services provided by Box.

Apr 14, 2016: MRCIT showcases it’s Workers Compensation Solution at the IBM ECM User Group meeting in Omaha

The IBM ECM User group in Omaha is very active and frequently shares the latest in IBM ECM technology with local ECM clients. During the last session, MRCIT as a premier IBM partner, featured its unique vertical industry solution – Workers Compensation Claims Management. The solution is built on IBM Case Manager technology and is feature rich. It allows easy integration with Box, Social Media, auto-allocation of tasks and creation of sub-tasks, diary items, policy data lookup, etc.

Mar 15, 2016: Dean Kolesar joins as ECM Sales Specialist

Dean Kolesar joins MRCIT as ECM Sales Specialist for North America. Dean has over 18 years of experience in ECM technology with most recent experience at EMC and Ricoh Americas. Dean is an out-of-the-box thinker who excels at analyzing customer needs and providing creative solutions. With a development background, Dean brings both technical and sales expertise to MRCIT.

Feb 1, 2016: Sathish Arvind Rajan joins as ECM Engineer

With over 11 years of experience with FileNet administration and support, Sathish brings a solid infrastrcuture and foundational skills to the ECM team at MRCIT. Sathish is a certified FileNet administrator and has deep expertise with installations and upgrades on various platforms.

Jan 28, 2016: Westar Energy signs a multi-year contract

Westar Energy in Topeka, KS signs a multi-year contract with MRCIT for an end-to-end ECM implementation. This would be an ongoing project that involves a major integration with IBM Maximo, Oracle WAM and migration from CM8 on z/OS to FileNet P8. The ECM implementation product set includes IBM FileNet P8, IBM Content Collector (ICC) for Filesystem, ICC for Sharepoint, and StoredIQ for eDiscovery.

Jan 15, 2016: Dhananjaya Madiraju joins as ECM Developer

With over 7 years of experience at IBM Software Labs (ISL), Dhananjay brings a unique set of skills to the ECM development team at MRCIT. Dhananjaya has deep expertise with Dojo, Widgets and customization of IBM Content Navigator and IBM Case Manager. Dhananjaya was also a part of IBM’s Counter Fraud Management solution team and was instrumental with the development of some key aspects of the solution.

News 2015:

Dec 3, 2015: Major Trucking Insurance in Midwest engages MRCIT for Datacap upgrade
Client engaged MRCIT for a Datacap upgrade from 8.x to 9.x. The project included two major applications utilized by Client’s Accounts Payable team inluding migration of custom DotEdit and Batch Pilot verify panels to Datacap Desktop panels.

Nov 6, 2015: United Launch Alliance (ULA) renews Kofax capture licenses
United Launch Alliance (ULA) has been a customer of MRCIT since 2011. ULA continues to utilize Kofax software for document capture and continues its relationship with MRCIT for Kofax maintenance and support.

Oct 29, 2015: MRCIT was a proud exhibitor at the IBM Insight 2015 conference in Las Vegas
MRCIT presented its Auto Claims Management and Workers Compensation solutions tailored for specialty insurance companies built on IBM Case Manager at the conference.

Sept 15, 2015: Manish Gupta joins MRCIT as ECM Developer
With over 6 years of development experience and multiple certifications with FileNet Content Manager, Business Process Manager, WorkplaceXT, Content Navigator, Eforms, Case Analyzer, ECM Widgets, and DataCap, Manish brings great enthusiasm to MRCIT’s ECM team. MRCIT welcomes Manish and wishes him good luck on his ECM journey with MRCIT.

Aug 18, 2015: Prolifics engages MRCIT for IBM Content Manager
Prolifics, a Global Technology Solutions Provider, engages MRCIT for long term consulting services on IBM Content Collector (ICC) for SAP and IBM Content Manager for a major healthcare services company in Dublin, OH.

Jul 25, 2015: VTI signs a Lotus Domino Support contract
VT Industries signs a long term support contract with MRCIT for ad-hoc Lotus Domino Support services

Jun 30, 2015: CDS Global engages MRCIT for CMOD upgrade
CDS Global engages MRCIT for upgrading their IBM Content Manager (CMOD) environment from 8.4 to 9.5. The new environment will enable CDS to take advantage of the latest IBM Content Navigator, Enhanced Retention, and Full Text Search capabilities.

May 27th, 2015: SURS engages MRCIT for KTM
State Universities Retirement System (SURS) engages MRCIT for planning an enterprise wide Kofax Transformation Module (KTM) implementation.

Apr 27th, 2015: Themesoft engages MRCIT for a long term contract
Themesoft, engages MRCIT for a long term FileNet Development contract for a multinational food, snack and beverage
corporation in Plano, TX.

Feb 19, 2015: SURS signs a two year ECM support contract with MRCIT
State Universities Retirement Systems (SURS) signs a two year ECM support contract with MRCIT to support their IBM Case Manager, FileNet P8, Kofax Transformation Module (KTM) platforms. SURS has been a long standing customer of MRCIT and their trusted relationship is a great example of MRCIT’s service to its customers.

Jan 13, 2015: Neazuddin (Niyaz) Mahammad joins MRCIT as ECM Developer
Niyaz is a Certified ECM/BPM specialist with 8 plus years of experience with FileNet P8 Development, Application Support, Administration and Architecture in Telecom, Banking and Engineering. MRCIT is excited to welcome Niyaz as an ECM Developer and wishes him great success for his tenure in the company.

Dec 1, 2014: IBM engages MRCIT for IBM Forms Implementation
IBM engaged MRCIT for an IBM Forms implementation for a state agency in California. The scope of the project was to embed IBM forms within the Customer’s public website along with developing authentication and database validation mechanism within the forms.

Nov 11, 2014: IBM engages MRCIT for ICC Sharepoint project
IBM engaged MRCIT for an IBM Content Collector with Sharepoint implementation for a major food manufacturing company in the Midwest. The scope of the project was to migrate the client’s current Sharepoint data into FileNet and integrate it with their SAP system.

Oct 8, 2014: SURS extends Timesheet Management project
State Universities Retirement System (SURS) extends the Timesheet Management project using IBM Case Manager to include new requirements. The new requirement includes bulk approval of
timesheets by HR personnel. The requirement will tremendously reduce the time HR is currently spending on timesheets and will increase their overall productivity.

Sept 26,2014: Allied Oil engages MRCIT to upgrade IBM Traveler
MRCIT has long supported Allied Oil’s IBM Domino environment. As part of regular maintenance, Allied engaged MRCIT to upgrade their IBM Traveler environment.

Sept 3rd, 2014: MRCIT is authorized to resell IBM Smart Cloud
Having an extensive experience with IBM Domino and Notes, MRCIT is now authorized to offer Domino in the Cloud leveraging the IBM Smart Cloud offering. IBM SmartCloud is a line of
enterprise-class cloud computing technologies and services for building and using private, public and hybrid clouds.

Aug 14th, 2014: Concentric extends contract for Lotus Domino Consultant
Concentric Corp. engaged MRCIT for long term IBM Domino consulting services in July, 2014 for a major direct marketing wholesale company in Omaha, NE. They have further extended their
contract to retain MRCIT’s services. Duties include Lotus Notes Administration and application support.

Aug 1, 2014: Sandeep Kulkarni is now ECM Team lead at MRCIT
Within few months of employment, Sandeep Kulkarni has shown tremendous dedication and commitment to MRCIT’s ECM Team. Effective June 1, 2014, Sandeep has been officially promoted to lead the team of all FileNet P8, Datacap and Case Manager consultants at MRCIT. We wish him continued success and growth in the company.

July 23, 2014: Databank partners with MRCIT for CM8 extraction
Databank is a leading Hyland OnBase partner. MRCIT will assist Databank in a CM8 to OnBase migration for one of its clients. MRCIT will leverage its proven migration tools and detailed migration reporting strategy for this project.

June 16th, 2014: Ming Chen joins MRCIT as an ECM Developer
MRCIT proudly welcomes Ming as part of the Content Management team as an ECM Developer. With a strong Java background, Ming Chen is as an aspiring individual and is excited to embark on his ECM journey with MRCIT.

April 15th, 2014: UnitedLex engages MRCIT for email replication

UnitedLex engaged MRCIT in replicating emails from a Content Manager on zOS environment to distributed platform for its end client. The emails were originally archived using Commonstore and resided on a CM zOS which is soon going to be de-commissioned. MRCIT’s intelligently architected solution leveraged CM8’s underlying replication mechanism to automatically replicate the emails to the new CM environment on distributed platform.

Mar 24th, 2014: SURS engages MRCIT for KTM services
State Universities Retirement System (SURS) engages MRCIT in providing Kofax Transformation Module (KTM) Installation and Setup services to handle correspondence documents. SURS has been using Kofax capture for several years and with the new investment in KTM see a wider use of the product within the organization.

Feb 13th, 2014: UnitedLex engages MRCIT for eDsicovery

UnitedLex extends MRCIT’s engagement in eDiscovery of emails from an orphaned Commonstore environment. The retrieval of emails was conducted using MRCIT’s proprietary retrieval method and using Commonstore APIs. The end client was under litigation and needed to produce the emails for litigation support.

Jan 15th, 2014: CMPCN renews Kofax capture with MRCIT
Children’s Mercy Pediatric Care Network (CMPCN) renews Kofax capture licenses with MRCIT. CMPCN is an integrated pediatric network that coordinates the medical care of pediatric patients enrolled in various managed care organizations (MCOs). CMPCN is comprised of Children’s Mercy Hospital and its employed physicians, community pediatricians and other health care providers in the Kansas City area.

Jan 13, 2014: Sandeep Kulkarni joins MRCIT as a Senior ECM Developer
With 8 years of experience in FileNet application development for Banking, Finance, and Energy Utilities Industries, Sandeep Kulkarni is an ex-IBMer who is articulate and passionate about application programming. MRCIT is excited to welcome Sandeep Kulkarni as a Senior ECM Developer and wishes him an outstanding growth in his career as part of the ECM team. Sandeep’s ares of expertise are FileNet P8, Forms, BPF, Records Manager, and Case Manager.

Dec 1st, 2013: IBM engages MRCIT for an IBM CM8 Healthcheck
IBM lab services enagages MRCIT to perform an IBM Content Manager (CM8) healthcheck for a state agency in Texas. The project involved performing healtcheck of the Oracle databse utilized by CM8. The Oracle server utilized RAC for HA on Solaris 10 Operating System.

Sept 30th, 2013: Benning Construction engages MRCIT to implement workflow solution
Since 1953, Benning has been a family-run business performing quality construction in a timely fashion at competitive prices for reliable owners, developers and tenants. Benning uses IBM Content Manager and Kofax for managing content and engages MRCIT to implement a workflow solution in order to address Vendor submittals verification and approval.

Aug 05th, 2013: FCS Financial engages MRCIT for Kofax Healthcheck
FCS Financial utilizes Kofax Capture software and eCopy to scan documents to OpenText LiveLink. FCS engages MRCIT to perform a Healthcheck of their existing Kofax environment and to provide an upgrade roadmap for upgrading Kofax to v10.

Aug 1st, 2013: Ashwin Khandare joins MRCIT as ECM Architect
With over 14 years of experience on FileNet ECM Technologies including P8 Architecture, Content Manager, Case Manager, Business Process Manager, eForms, Records Manager, Content Federation Services (CFS), Image Manager, eProcess Workflow, Visual Workflow, FileNet Capture professional, FileNet Component Integrator, Panagon Content Services and Image Services, MRCIT warmly welcomes Ashwin Khandare as a FileNet / ECM Architect.

July 09th, 2013: Allied Oil engages MRCIT for CRM solution
Allied Oil utilizes a domino based CRM solution. Allied Oil engages MRCIT to conduct custom enhancements to the newly implemented CRM solution. Allied has been extremely pleased with MRCIT’s top quality service and responsiveness.

June 25th, 2013: State Universities Retirement System renews Kofax licenses with MRCIT

State Universities Retirement System (SURS) uses Kofax Capture software to scan Member documents to FileNet. As a Kofax Certified Support Vendor. MRCIT will provide Tier 1 support to SURS.

June 13th, 2013: IBM partners with MRCIT for CM8 Upgrade
IBM lab services engages MRCIT to perform DB2 Content Manager upgrade from V8.3.x to 8.4.x. The upgrade involves moving the old environment to a new environment on a newly installed hardware and pre-requisite software. MRCIT is excited to work with IBM Lab Services and is looking forward to effectively collaborate with IBM on several future projects.

June 06th, 2013: MRCIT is now a FileNet Certified Support Provider
With certified FileNet resources and state-of-the art support facility, MRCIT is certified to be a FileNet P8 support Provider by IBM. As a support provider, MRCIT will now provide Level 1 support to its customers. It’s an added benefit to the customers as support is provided by personnel involved with installing the original system thus reducing the overall issue resolution time.

May 28th, 2013: UnitedLex partners with MRCIT for Litigation Support

UnitedLex is a global leader in providing technology powered legal services and business solutions. UnitedLex partnered with MRCIT to extract emails stored in a Customer’s DB2 Content Manager system via Commonstore for one of its clients under litigation. The effort includes re-installing Lotus Domino, Commonstore and developing a custom script to extract emails to NSF files

April 3rd, 2013: EnChoice partners with MRCIT to Commonstore and CM upgrade
EnChoice, Inc is a renonwed IBM FileNet Business partner. Enchoice partnered with MRCIT to upgrade a Commonstore and IBM DB2 Content Manager system for a Georgia based construction company. The construction company has a legacy in the building and real estate development industry since the 1890’s.

Mar 19th, 2013: Major Lodging Co. certifies MRCIT as a Support Vendor for Lotus Domino

A major lodging company with a reservation center in Omaha certifies MRCIT as a support vendor for a Lotus Domino based Customer Service application developed by MRCIT. The Customer service application allows the customer to track customer grievance incidents and provides dynamic decision making capabilities to resolve the issue.

Feb 15th, 2013: Sushil Kumar joins MRCIT as a FileNet / ECM Developer
With over 6 years of software development experience using FileNet Image Manager, FileNet P8, eForms and Datacap, Sushil Kumar is a highly motivated, focused, energetic, creative, and smart working individual. MRCIT warmly welcomes Sushil Kumar as a FileNet / ECM Developer to join our ECM team.

Feb 12th, 2013: AWG engages MRCIT for CMOD Report Distribution

Associated Wholesale Grocers engages MRCIT to implement Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) on AIX with Report Distribution Facility (RDF) for enabling electronic distribution of reports in a PDF format to remote users / locations via email.

Feb 12th, 2013: MRCIT aligns with IBM Lab Services

MRCIT aligns with IBM Lab Services to perform sub-contractor work in areas of Enterprise Content Management including Datacap, eForms, DB2 Content Manager, FileNet IS, FileNet P8, OnDemand, Commonstore and Content Collector.

Jan 30th, 2013: Kamaljeet Nadar joins MRCIT as a FileNet / ECM Architect

With over 11 years of experience on FileNet ECM Technologies including P8 Architecture, Content Manager, Business Process Manager, eForms, Records Manager, Content Federation Services (CFS), Image Manager, eProcess Workflow, Visual Workflow, FileNet Capture professional, FileNet Component Integrator, Panagon Content Services and Image Services, MRCIT warmly welcomes Kamaljeet Nadar as a FileNet / ECM Architect.

Jan 2nd, 2013: Duncan Aviation signs support contract with MRCIT
Duncan Aviation utilizes Kofax and IBM Content Manager for imaging and content storage. Duncan signed an annual support contract with MRCIT to support this environment. Support includes handling ad-hoc support calls and pro-actively maintaining the environment.

Dec 13th, 2012: PNC Bank extends MRCIT contract for RBC loads

After the acquisition of RBC Bank, PNC Bank was in need to migrate documents and images stored by RBC. PNC Bank engaged MRCIT to load these images into PNC’s FileNet environment. The total volume is approx 4 million.

Nov 13th, 2012: MRCIT partners with Integritie (UK), Ltd
MRCIT partners with UK-based Integritie to resell their Knowledge Capture (KC) desktop loader, office integrator and bulk loader software. With solutions such as Knowledge capture and SMC4, the Social Media CM integration, MRCIT is excited to add a new set of Integritie products to its wide range of ECM solution offerings.

Nov 12th, 2012: FCS Financial enages MRCIT for Kofax software licensing
FCS Financial has been providing lending opportunities and financial services to farmers, farm-related businesses and anyone who simply enjoys the smaller, rural community lifestyle, for more than 95 years. Headquartered in Jefferson City, Missouri, FCS Financial has 24 branch offices located throughout the state of Missouri.

Nov 11th, 2012: MRC IT wins United Launch Alliance image capture software business
United Launch Alliance (ULA) is a 50-50 joint venture owned by Lockheed Martin and The Boeing Company. ULA brings together two of the launch industry’s most experienced and successful teams – Atlas and Delta – to provide reliable, cost-efficient space launch services for the U.S. government. MRCIT is proud to provide ULA with world leading image capture software for one of the biggest aerospace leaders in the country.

Nov 5th, 2012: VT Industries engaged MRCIT to implement recommendations from health check

Following the health check activity performed on VTI’s Lotus Domino environment, VTI engaged MRCIT to implement the recommendations made. Recommendations include upgrading a few domino server instances, eliminate large log files and recreate the same, inspect NOTES.ini file, etc.

Oct 20th, 2012: VT Industries engages MRCIT to perform health check
MRCIT continues to support the Lotus Domino environment for VT Industries. As part of maintenance, VTI engaged MRCIT to take a closer look at their Server hardware, configuration, clustering, report DR, backup best practices and other parameters affecting their Domino environment.

Oct 9th, 2012: Greenville engages MRC IT for Domino software purchase
Greenville Technology continues to utilize Lotus Domino for email. After renewing the Domino software in August, Greenville also added net new users to the system.

Oct 6th, 2012: PNC Bank CM8 to FileNet P8 migration complete
MRC IT completes a major milestone of the CM8 to FileNet P8 migration for PNC Bank. The solution included migrating 30 Million documents from CM8 to FileNet P8 for the Lending department at PNC Bank. Post-Migration activities are currently in progress. The project was declared a major success by both the IT team and the consumers

Sept 25th, 2012: IFS partners with MRCIT for UMG CM8 / Kofax implementation
Integrity First Solutions engages MRC IT for implementing IT Contracts solution for Universal Music Group using CM8 and Kofax. Additionally, the solution also includes migrating documents from Docusphere & Sharepoint to CM8

August 15th, 2012: PNC Bank engages MRCIT to upgrade FileNet P8 4.0.0 to 5.1
PNC Bank currently utilizes the FileNet P8 4.0.0 system to house approx. 20TB of images spannig across 16 Object Stores. With several years of experience conducting upgrades / migrations MRCIT is engaged to upgrade this environment to the latest P8 5.1 platform. The new 5.1 environment will comprise of 4 Filenet domains, each configured with high availability and failover capability.

August 10th, 2012: Dot.Comm renews Kofax Software with MRCIT
Douglas County of Omaha renews Kofax software licenses with MRCIT. MRCIT is one of the very few Kofax Certified Solution Providers in North America.

August 3rd, 2012: Greenville Technology renews Lotus Domino software with MRCIT

Greenville Technology continues to utilize Lotus Domino for email. MRCIT is one of the very few IBM partners / resellers authorized under the “Lotus Messaging & Collaboration” brand required to resell Domino software.

July 6th, 2012: PNC Bank extends the CM Migration Project with MRCIT
With the growing volume of the existing IBM Content Manager system, PNC Bank continues to migrate the content to FileNet P8 environment. MRCIT continues to conduct the migration of approx. 30 million documents from CM to P8

July 5th, 2012: VT Industries renews Lotus Domino software with MRCIT

VT Industries utilizes the Lotus Domino software for email along with Lotus Traveler software. With its excellent Domino support staff, MRCIT continues to service VT Industires by maintianing their Domino environment and integration with other software applications like Traveler. MRCIT is one of the very few IBM partners / resellers authorized under the “Lotus Messaging & Collaboration” brand required to resell Domino software.

June 11th, 2012: MRCIT achieves Advanced Partner status with IBM
Advanced level Business Partners have demonstrated a high level of skills and market success. They are committed to maintaining a prosperous business relationship with IBM. MRCIT is proud to be recognized as an Advanced IBM Business Partner.

June 8th, 2012: Farm Bureau Financial renewed Daeja ViewOne Pro licenses with MRCIT
FBL utilizes the Daeja ViewOne Pro software with there FileNet P8 4.5 system for faster document retrieval. The software has shown tremendous improvement in response time and has served well for FBL for the past 2 years. MRCIT is one of the very few resellers in North America of the Daeja software.

May 11th, 2012: MRCIT achieves Datacap Taskmaster Technical Sales Mastery certification
Datacap Taskmaster Capture automates input of data from documents to reduce cost and accelerate document process efficiencies. After attending a 3-day Datacap workshop in Chicago, IL, MRCIT achieved DataCap Taskmaster V8 certification and is uniquely positioned to offer Datacap, in addition to being a Kofax Certified Solution Provider. This expands MRCIT’s document capture portfolio.

May 10th, 2012: PNC Bank signs extension to migration project
MRCIT continues to work with PNC on a very large ECM migration project. PNC bank has acquired multiple other banks and through the consolidation process, very large document repositories need to be migrated into PNC’s new target platform. MRCIT’s migration expertise, tool sets, and methodologies have made the process effective and efficient for PNC bank. We are looking forward to continuing to work with PNC and help their personnel with the platform consolidation and integration efforts.

April 30th, 2012: Lozier Corp purchases Image Services licenses with MRCIT
Lozier Corp is an Omaha based manufacturer of store fixtures since 1956. Lozier currently has Image Services 4.1.2 and purchased additional user licenses with MRCIT

April 3rd, 2012: IFS partners with MRCIT to provide ECM solutions to leading Energy company in Topeka, KS

Midwest-based energy provider engages MRC IT in partnership with Integrity First Solutions (IFS) in a variety of IBM-based technologies. The project involves IBM’s legacy portfolio of IBM’s Enterprise Content Management solution offerings such as IBM Document Manager and IBM Content Manager. MRCIT will develop custom-code to support some of the unique customer use cases and support their migration.

Mar 29th, 2012: GuideOne Insurance renews Kofax maintenance with MRCIT
GuideOne Insurance is a leading insurer of Churches, Churchgoers, and other faith-based institutions

Mar 16th, 2012: New Energy Corp renews Kofax maintenance with MRCIT
New Energy Corp is a renowned Electric Utility Company based in South Bend, IN.

Feb 29th, 2012: BIC renews Kofax maintenance with MRCIT
Bridges Investment Counsel (BIC) renews Kofax capture software maintenance with MRCIT. MRCIT continues to provide managed support services to BIC and assists them in maintaining their Kofax, CM, CMOD on iSeries environment.

Jan 11th, 2012: Nationwide grocery distributor engages MRCIT for email compliance
MRCIT has long supported IBM’s line of Compliance products such as Information Content Collector and its predecessors. Customer previously used IBM DB2 Content Manager (CM) in conjunction with IBM Commonstore (CSLD) as a backend repository for archiving emails and attachments. MRCIT will assist with the upgrade of the existing email compliance system and develop custom-tailored functionality to mass restore emails and attachments for compliance purposes.

Jan 2nd, 2012: MRCIT hires new Business Operations Specialist
MRCIT welcomes its new Business Operations Specialist. She will be responsible to develop and maintain fundamental operational procedures and systems including overall management of operations team and office. She will implement new organizational procedures and strategies and identify integration points of existing disparate systems. Her duties include administration. accounting, project coordination, and sales support as well.

Dec 31st, 2012: MRCIT finishes its third year in business
It’s this time a year again! We want to thank our customers, vendors and partners for their continued support in 2011. As a company MRCIT doubled its services revenue once again in 2011 and we were able to grow our software resale business with our partners, IBM and Kofax, to the point where we surpassed the goals set out for us by them. This was no easy task and we look forward servicing your software needs as your as your services’ needs in the future.

Nov 30th, 2011: MRCIT completes Phase One of ECM migration for the fifth largest bank in the United States
MRCIT completed the first phase of a 33 million document migration from IBM DB2 Content Manager to FileNet P8 for PNC Bank. With multiple lines of businesses and intricate data mapping involved, the challenege was to produce accurate results. With a proven migration methodology MRCIT was able to successful accomplish the first milestone and it continues to make rapid progress on the remaining phases.

October 1st, 2011: MRCIT continues to grow partnership with IBM/Avnet
MRCIT is proud to announce becoming part of the IBM software Value Plus (SVP) program for Information Management and Lotus Domino. As part of this program, MRCIT has had the opportunity to successfully resell Lotus Domino and related software to a number of customers. MRCIT appreciates the many opportunities and looks forward to a deepened relationship with its distributor Avnet as well as it’s primary partner IBM.

Sept 14th, 2011: CAS Severn partners with MRCIT to host a redundant CMOD environment
CAS Severn, Inc partnered with MRCIT to design and deploy a custom High Availability solution for IBM CM OnDemand (an IBM enterprise report processing application). MRCIT consultants have provided similar services to organizations in the past and will apply their previous expertise to this new challenging, very large IBM OnDemand environment.

Sept 8th, 2011: Tomy International (Previously RC2 Learning Curve) engages MRCIT for Commonstore support

Four years ago MRCIT had the opportunity to architect a complex, multinational email archiving application for Learning Curve Bands. MRCIT is proud to continue the relationship after Learning Curve had been acquired by Tomy International. MRCIT will continue to support Tomy International’s IBM Commonstore, Content Manager and ICC environment.

August 1st, 2011: MRCIT continues to enhance its processes
Continued investment into our internal tools and processes is a business necessity to ensure growth. MRCIT needed to expand its existing ERP system with a new addition. After multiple rounds of usability and integration testing, the decision was easy to make. We welcome OfficeClip into our family of systems. We believe the new system will allow for more accurate time and expense capture which ultimately results in accurate invoices with less time spent producing them.

July 6th, 2011: PNC Bank engages MRCIT for IBM CM to FileNet P8 Migration
PNC Bank engaged MRCIT to migrate its legacy IBM Content Manager multi-platform system to Filenet P8 4.X. The overall migration volume is 33 million documents and will be conducted over a narrow span of 3 to 4 months. MRCIT will utilize its time-proven migration tool set and methodology for this project to accomplish the project within the highly aggressive timeframe.

June 27th, 2011: MRCIT is IBM SVP approved for Lotus Messaging and Collaboration Software
MRCIT is now authorized to resell IBM Lotus Domino software licenses as part of the IBM SVP approval received for Lotus Messaging and Collaboration. This authorization allows MRCIT in supporting it’s customers in terms of software renewals, maintenance, purchase, etc in addition to the top-class services provided by MRCIT’s domino resources.

May 1st, 2011: MRCIT Certification Update
MRCIT has completed the necessary certifications required to be an IBM SVP FileNet Partner. The certifications included IBM FileNet P8 4.5 CM Designer, IBM FileNet P8 4.5 BPM Designer and ECM Essentials 2A and 4.0

April 20th, 2011: MRCIT Assists Allied Oil with BlackBerry and Lotus Domino synchronization

MRCIT assisted Allied Oil with their Blackberry server synchronization with Lotus Domino server. The Blackberry environment at Allied Oil is currently implemented company wide and helps its employees manage day-to-day email, calendar and meeting activities right on their Blackberry Cell Phones.

April 17th, 2011: MRCIT officially completes 2 years of successful business
MRCIT officially completed 2 years of continued success with over $1 million of combined services revenue

April 3rd, 2011: GuideOne Insurance renews Kofax maintenance with MRCIT
GuideOne Insurance is a leading insurer of Churches, Churchgoers, and other faith-based institutions.

April 2nd, 2011: Sirius partners with MRCIT to conduct a IBM CM 8.4.2 Upgrade and Platform Migration
Sirius Computer Solutions partners with MRCIT to conduct a platform migration of IBM DB2 CM 8.4.2 on AIX to a new hardware of one of the leading Builder Financing companies in Houston, TX. The project involved cloning the current Production environment to Test, installing a fresh Production environment, upgrading the Test environment to 8.4.2 and restoring the Test to the new Prod environment.

April 1st, 2011: Lee Lovig joins MRCIT as an ECM Consultant
Lee Lovig has over 30 years of IT experience in systems and application programming, including six years of Management. Lee has performed in various technical roles including Application Architect, Enterprise Architect, Senior Business Analyst, Technical Lead, and Senior Systems Analyst. He has worked for
several years with IBM’s ECM products focused on IBM DB2 Content Manager and IBM FileNet P8 portfolio. MRCIT is thrilled with Lee Lovig’s addition to its core ECM team.

March 31st, 2011: IFS partners with MRCIT to resell MRCIT’s CM 8 Import / Export tool to a leading Energy company in Topeka, KS
The MRCIT Import tool allows customers to conduct batch ingestion of documents and metadata in the IBM Content Manager environment. The Import tool is fully loaded with features for auditing, reporting, email notification, external data lookups, etc.

March 31st, 2011: IFS becomes an authorized reseller of MRCIT’s IBM CM 8 Import / Export tool

Integrity First Solutions (IFS) becomes an authorized reseller of MRCIT’s Import and Export tools. This allows Integrity First to resell the tools to its customers. It also re-enforces the strong relationship between the two companies as they continue to collaborate on projects and opportunities assisting IBM’s Enterprise Content Management customers.

March 30th, 2011: New Energy purchases Kofax licenses with MRCIT
New Energy Corp is a renowned Electric Utility Company based in South Bend, IN.

March 22nd, 2011: Bridges renews Kofax maintenance with MRCIT
Brigdes renews its Kofax maintenance licenses with MRCIT. BIC has two scanning servers with a volume of 25K/month.

Feb 16th, 2011: MRCIT partners with Kofax
Kofax is a leading provider of scanning and document capture alongwith document driven business process automation solutions. As a Kofax partner, MRCIT is now authorized to resell Kofax software. This allows MRCIT, as a sole vendor, to manage both Kofax software and services for its customers

Jan 31st, 2011: IFS partners with MRCIT on IBM CM 8.4.2 Upgrade for a leading Music Publishing Group in California

Integrity First Solutions partners with MRCIT to conduct an IBM DB2 Content Manager V8.4.2 Upgrade on the Windows platform. The upgrade involved upgrading all the pre-requisite software such as DB2 to V9.5 and Websphere to V6.1.0.33.

Jan 19th, 2011: MRCIT Relocates to New Office Space
MRCIT proudly announces the expansion and relocation of our company to a new location at the West Pointe Center building near 147th and Center Road. The physical address is 14748 West Center Road, Suite 106, Omaha, Nebraska 68144. This is a significant step in the company’s business expansion and growth strategy.

Jan 12th, 2011: MRCIT Certification Update
MRCIT constantly strives to improve its business partner relations with IBM and other partners by staying current with the latest certifications available. We are proud to announce that one of our chief architects is now a certified IBM FileNet P8 Content Manager Designer on version 4.5. This is a great achievement.

Jan 3rd, 2011: MRCIT enters in a Managed Maintenance Support Agreement with Iowa-based Insurance Company
The company is among the top 10 insurance providers in the US with almost 1,000,000 customers and 30,000 agents. The company is looking to decommission its Domino servers in 2011 and decided to outsource all administration and support during the transition period. MRC IT is looking forward to working with the company’s application development team over the next 12 months.

Dec 18th, 2010: MRCIT is commissioned to upgrade IBM Content Manager on zOS

While MRC IT excels with IBM ECM products on Windows and Unix based servers, we do on occasion bring on skill sets to complement our own. This enabled to staff an IBM Content Manager on zOS upgrade for a large IBM Business Partner operating out of New York, NY. The project required multiple external and internal resources versed in both zOS and Windows-based IBM Content Manager software.

Nov 15th, 2010: MRCIT completes Blackberry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange upgrade and migration
MRC IT was commissioned to provide a BES upgrade and migration expertise for Microsoft Exchange because MRC IT’s strong suite is Lotus Domino running in conjunction with a local business partner specializing in Exchange. The project was successfully performed for a large health case organization located in Illinois.

Sept 28th, 2010: MSI partners with MRCIT to extend FileNet Support contract

MSI Systems Integrators, Inc extended MRCIT’s FileNet P8 Support Contract for a leading insurance company in West Des Moines, IA. Activities include DR Implementation, Integration with other products such as CMOD, ICC, etc. Production Cut-Over planning and monitoring as well as validating IBM’s migration strategy from FileNet IS to P8 is also part of the activities

Aug 31st, 2010: IFS Partners with MRCIT for IBM CM Implementation

Integrity First Solutions(IFS) partners with MRCIT to re-create an IBM ECM environment at
a leading bank in Kansas City, MO

Aug 31st, 2010: VTI engages MRCIT for Lotus Notes Archiving and Support
VT Industries, Inc engages MRCIT for implementing a Lotus Notes Archiving and Support
solution as part of its compliance implementation project

Aug 26th, 2010: MRCIT sponsors AIIM’s Thirsty Thursday
MRCIT sponsors AIIM’s Thirsty Thursday Event for the Cornhusker Chapter

Aug 13th, 2010: AWG signs ECM support contract with MRCIT
Associated Wholesale Grocers(AWG) signs support contract with MRCIT for supporting its
IBM Content Manager on zOS environment. Support activities include tasks such as

Jul 10th, 2010: MRCIT is now authorized in IBM’s new Software Value Plus (SVP) program as IBM Software Reseller
MRCIT is now an IBM Authorized Reseller for Information Management Software under IBM’s Software Value Plus program. The SVP program enables only those business partners who have invested skills in both sales and technical areas.

Jul 9th, 2010: MRCIT announces the first sale of its FileNet P8 Bulk Import, Export and Deletion tool

MRCIT is proud to announce the first sale of our FileNet P8 Bulk Import, Export and Deletion utility to a financial services organization in West Des Moines, IA. MRCIT has performed many ECM repository migrations over the years and developed a custom toolset for migrating disparate ECM systems from one platform or vendor to another. MRCIT shall further enhance this toolset, and offer it as part of our Solutions and Services offerings. The sale of this utility is the first important step in this direction.

June 10th, 2010: MRCIT partners with IFS on an ECM Migration from FileNet IS to CM on z/OS

MRCIT along with Integrity First Solutions won an ECM migration proposal with a major insurance carrier in Missouri. MRCIT’s key advantage against its main competitors was its detailed attention to the client’s technical requirements. The project encompasses the migration of four million documents from FileNet Image Services 4 to IBM Content Manager 8.4 running on z/OS. MRCIT is using custom developed and enterprise class import & export utilities to facilitate the migration effort.

April 30th, 2010: Bridges Investment Counsel signs MRCIT for Annual Support
Bridges Investment Counsel signed an annual support contract with MRCIT. The contract involves supporting a variety of IBM-based Information Management products such as IBM Content Manager on iSeries, IBM CM Ondemand, and Kofax Capture along with a set of custom CM load utilities

February 8, 2010: DOT.Comm engages MRCIT in a Kofax upgrade project

DOT.Comm engages MRCIT to upgrade their Kofax environment. The goal of this project is to install Register of Deeds’ Kofax Capture software V8.0 on a test workstation which will be used as a production machine upon successful testing. All existing batch classes will be verified to perform as before the upgrade.

January 8, 2010: MRCIT assists RC2 with eDiscovery Manager in China
MRCIT provided assistance to RC2, Learning Curve Brands in resolving eDiscovery issues with their EMail Search product in China. The issue was related to improper indexing of traditional chinese characters. MRCIT support had an immediate turnaround time to fix this issue

December 9, 2009: JSymmetric engages MRCIT in an IBM WEBI, CMOD, Monarch and Kofax project
MRCIT will assist the Customer, through its partnership with JSymmetric, in installing and integrating IBM WEBI, Monarch RMS and Kofax capture 8 product along with 2 Fujitsu scanners as part of a new IBM OnDemand Common Server implementation

December 8, 2009: MSI Systems Integrators partners with MRCIT to provide FileNet P8 Support Services
MRCIT will provide FileNet P8 4.5 support through it’s partnership with MSI to a leading insurance company in West Des Moines, IA. The support involves supervising IBM Lab Services on a migration effort from Image Services to P8, performane tuning and provide assistance with setting up P8 security. Also, install FileNet CFS to integrate CMOD with WorkplaceXT

December 7, 2009: Bridges Investment Counsel, Inc enages MRCIT for learning their IBM CM & CMOD environment on iSeries
Bridges Investment Counsel, Inc engages MRCIT for acquiring knowledge transfer from their IT officer on IBM CM & CMOD environment on iSeries to provide on-going support services in future. The knowledge transfer sessions will include assessing the current day-to-day activities for necessity and efficiency and identify applicable deficiencies

November 25, 2009: MRCIT becomes an authorized reseller of IBM software
MRCIT is now an authorized reseller of IBM software in open distribution. This enables MRCIT to assists its clients to purchase net new licenses as well as renew existing licenses directly with MRCIT for IBM software in open distribution such as IBM Content Manager, eDiscovery Manager, Content Collector and Lotus Domino

November 10, 2009: State Universities Retirement Systems extends its contract with MRCIT
State Universities Retriement Systems extends its contract with MRCIT to provide ongoing support for migrating more than 8 million documents from IBM Content Manager on iSeries to FileNet P8. MRCIT consultants were pre-dominantly involved in designing a migration strategy and developing a migration tool as well as building test and production FileNet environments for SURS

October 22, 2009: Beatrice Public Schools engages MRCIT to support their Staffing Application for teachers
MRCIT will provide support services to Beatrice Public Schools on their Lotus Domino based Staffing Appication for teachers. The project includes general support and enhancements to the existing application

October 19, 2009: Bridges Investment Counsel, Inc engages MRCIT for IBM CM OnDemand Support
MRCIT will provide support services to Bridges on the IBM CM OnDemand product. The project includes modification, rectification, rearchival, unloading of existing reports and custom programming for adding annotations to the reports

September 18, 2009: MSI System Integrators continues Domino server migration project with MRCIT
MRCIT will perform the second phase of a Domino migration project with second largest bank holding company headquartered in Missouri. The project includes the migration and consolidation of over 50 Domino applications into a new Linux-based Domino server environment

September 8, 2009: Marriott International engages MRCIT for 3 year CRM application support
MRCIT’s consultants have worked with Marriott International for the last 10 years in support of their CRM environment. Projects included custom development, environment upgrades, liason with IBM support, extensive application development, and PCI complaince auditing & analysis. Marriott extends its relationship with MRCIT by engaging in an extensive application development and disaster recovery project

September 4, 2009: Douglas Omaha Technology Commission engages MRCIT again for Kofax Capture support
Dot.Comm enages MRCIT in a project to support the scanning environment of one of their customers and Dot.Comm’s iSeries-based IBM Content Manager system

September 2, 2009: MRCIT has contracted with MSI Systems Integrators to provide support for a MSI client’s IBM Content Manager environment

MRCIT was contracted by MSI to provide support services to one of their customer’s IBM Content Manager environments and migration efforts. The IBM Content Manager environment is z-OS based

August 1, 2009: Douglas Omaha Technology Commission contracts with MRCIT for Kofax Capture and IBM Content Manager on iSeries support project

Douglas Omaha Technology Commission enages MRCIT in a project to support the Register of Deeds’ scanning environment and the iSeries-based IBM Content Manager system

July 13, 2009: MRCIT extends its relationship with MSI System Integrators
MRCIT signed a contractor agreement with MSI System Integrators.MRCIT is looking forward to working with MSI and fill their services’ needs

July 12 2009: State Universities Retirement Systems contracts with MRCIT for FileNet P8 Support
MRCIT provides ongoing support to SURS in migrating more than 8 million documents from IBM Content Manager on iSeries to FileNet P8. MRCIT consultants were pre-dominantly involved in designing a migration strategy and developing a migration tool as well as building test and production FileNet environments for SURS

July 11 2009: MSI Systems Integrators partners with MRCIT for Domino server migration planning
MRCIT conducted a Domino server migration and consolidation planning project of Domino servers in partnership with MSI Systems Integrators Inc for the second largest bank holding company headquartered in Missouri

July 1 2009: JSymmetric, Inc partners with MRCIT for IBM Content Manager, Commonstore and eDiscovery Manager upgrade
MRCIT personnel were engaged in conducting IBM Content Manager, Commonstore and eDiscovery Manager upgrade for one of the largest ceramic tile manufacturer in Dallas, Tx in partnership with JSymmetric, Inc. The implementation was in client’s production environment and MRCIT diligently planned schedules, timelines and managed resources to effeciently conduct the implementation during low available production down time.

June 1 2009: Taylor and Martin Enterprises, Inc contracts with MRCIT for Lotus Domino support
MRCIT provides Taylor & Martin with ongoing onsite and offsite Domino emergency and knowledge transfer support.

May 28 2009: MSI Systems Integrator Inc partners with MRCIT to conduct security analysis
MRCIT was called in to provide a Domino security analysis of a regional transportation company. Within just two short analysis session, MRCIT was able to show signficant security loopholes that a previous had left behind in the environment.

May 3 2009: Harry A Koch engages MRCIT to implement custom integration with client’s email system and FileNet P8
Harry Koch uses Filenet as its Content Repository. MRCIT provided customer inegration between Harry Koch’s email system, IBM Email Manager middleware and the Filenet respository itself. Harry Koch’s staff can now store emails and attachments in Filenet and conveniently ties them to customer previously stored in Filenet via customer interface.

May 1 2009: VT Industries, Inc contracts with MRCIT for ongoing application development and Lotus Domino support
MRCIT provides ongoing application development and server administration support for VTI. The most recent development project was a Employee Corrective Action application. The application encompassed extensive workflows and multi-level user signoff.

Apr 20 2009: Allied Oil contracts with MRCIT for Lotus Domino support

MRCIT upgraded Allied Oil’s iSeries/System (i) – based Domino environment to R7 from an unsupported version of Domino. We also provided Allied Oil with a new Blackberry server installation and provided knowledge transfer to Allied’s IT personnel.

Apr 14 2009: RC2 – Learning Curve Brands, Inc contracts with MRCIT for IBM Commonstore support

MRCIT set up IBM’s Content Manager as a repository for email and attachments, with IBM Commonstore 8.4 to archive email from Microsoft Exchange to the backend repository. MRCIT architected an environment that included multiple IBM Content Manager Library servers and Resource Managers located in the UK, US and China. To enable compliance and legal searching, eMail Search has been integrated as a feature of Commonstore.

Apr 6 2009: Seraph Corporation engages MRCIT to support a highly transactional Domino application
MRCIT provides ongoing support of a highly transactional Domino application for a financial processor in Lincoln, NE. The application is accessed by over 10,000 inviduals on a daily basis.

Feb 16 2009: JSymmetric, Inc partners with MRCIT to implement IBM eDiscovery Manager
MRCIT supplemented Jsymmetric’s highly experienced staff in the area of IBM eDiscovery Manager. The project included installation and integration of eDM with a customer’s environment along with knowledge transfer and enablement.

Feb 15 2009: Farmer-owned dairy cooperative contracts with MRCIT to implement email security
The cooperative was MRCIT ‘s first customer. MRCIT provided security analysis of current mail environmenta and created a notification mechanism for the cooperative’s mangement to detect any unauthorized mail accesses. We also proposed an upgrade project from Notes 7 to 8.5 which is scheduled for summer 2009.